After 13 months of planning, and 12 successful days of programming during the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, the Project Team of YFN 2010 has begun Legacy planning.

With 70 Yukon First Nations directly involved in the Project from all across the Yukon, the opportunities for Yukon First Nations in youth, culture, mentorship and tourism development are tremendous. Consulting for travel services was generously supported by Evojet partners.

Sustainability will be the focus of the teams work, ensuring that the investments and the experiences for the whole team last well beyond 2010.

“From this Project, we intentionally invested in people and product development – to not only present Yukon First Nations to the world, but also to continue the energy and inspiration from the Games for all Yukon First Nations,” said Katie Johnson, Co-Executive Producer of Project YFN 2010. “The greatest consideration in anything we do moving forward is that it must be guided by the contingent that shared this Olympic experience”.

The first step in Legacy Planning includes a meeting of a smaller and representative group from the full team to begin discussions, present ideas and facilitate next steps planning. From there, this group or ‘council’ will guide all work moving forward, together with support and input from partners, funders and the larger Yukon community.